Warning: Keep knife out of children

Emma MacGuyver
23 September 1984
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Welcome to my journal.

Having read some other peoples entries at both this site and others, I am sorry to disappoint you if I openly declare now that none of the things you will read within this journal will be nearly as well-thought out balanced or coherent as they are.


However, I can say that I am the clumsiest person on earth, have a really bad habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and opening my mouth seemingly to do nothing but insert both feet deeply into it, so I can promise an (at least) semi-interesting read for those among you with a reasonable sense of humor, or sense of the surreal.

If you posess neither of the above you are still very welcome to read this, and even reply, but be warned now - if I recieve any flames from you I will mock you. Publically. Often. And with a great many references of how your critisisms must be attributed to yourself rather than me, and what a flawed and nasty person you must be, therefore.

It's up to you.

[Note: this journal contains none of my fanfiction, Harry Potter or otherwise. To read my attempts in these matters, go to my account that is specifically for my fic. ]

[Also note: No, my real name is not MacGuyver. I picked up this little treat due to this incident, and it stuck. Go figure. *Uses brick for a hammer*]